La Ana de Cofresi
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La Ana de Cofresi Restaurant located at Villa Cofresi Hotel is one of the first restaurants in Rincón.
It started in 1965. During that time it was very rustic, with zinc ceilings, without walls and supported by palm tree trunks. Its outstanding location (right on the beach), great food and service quickly turned it in the popular restaurant it is still today.

Since then, La Ana de Cofresi, is characterized by delicious food and by its specialty in Angus beef, (the best in Porta del Sol) , jumbo breaded shrimp, fresh seafood and Puertorrican cuisine.
Ask about our Banquet Hall available for special events.

La Ana is the name of the ship of the famous Puertorrican pirate, Roberto Cofresi whose fame was well known for his generosity toward the poor, distributing his loot among them. Today at the Restaurant you will enjoy a mural of Cofresi’s history made by a Puertorrican artist. The mural was painted in 1978 and it gives you leads for interesting conversation during your meal. La Ana de Cofresi Restaurant, as well as Villa Cofresi Hotel are family owned and operated since its opening.
The Caro Caro Family is proud to run the longest vacation experience in Rincón. The facilities have improved, and the service and the charm of a friendly family run hotel and restaurant remain intact. The owners were born and raised right there and they are always paying constant attention to the details that really matter to the visitors and guests.

Another famous feature of this well-known Restaurant and Hotel is their bohio (beach bar) which is located just steps from the ocean. It is the best location to watch the beautiful sunsets that have made Rincón famous worldwide. Also, the house drink, “Pirate Special”, has international fame. It is served in a fresh coconut and contains several types of liquor. If you enjoy exotic drinks, you have not tasted the best until you’ve had a “Pirate Special.”

Buen Provecho!

Restaurant El Bohio
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Villa Cofresi's Beach Bohío is one of the happiest and most popular spots in Rincón. It has the best view of the sea and from it you can enjoy the most spectacular sunsets while sipping your favorite drink. We offer all kinds of drinks including our famous Pirate Special, creamy piña coladas, fruity frappes, or your favorite exotic drink

For lunch, we offer the best hamburguers in town and great chicken kabobs - "pinchos". We also have sandwiches and salads. Weekdays Sunset Happy Hour featuring rum drinks, house wines and beers. We have kareoke and live music. Call for details.

You can enjoy in a stool around the bar, in the nearby tables or just enjoy your order on the beach.

Ask for a "Bruja Negra"... another signature drink.

Open Daily 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight